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Casino Veterinary Clinic has been a long established veterinary clinic in the Casino area. Current owner, Dr Phil Sharman, has been working as a Veterinarian in Casino since 1987.

Casino Veterinary Clinic is a mixed animal practice meaning we provide veterinary care for a mix of animal species – both small or companion animals (such as dogs and cats) and large animals (such as cattle, horses, sheep and pigs).


At Casino Veterinary Clinic we have eight staff in total – four vets, four veterinary nurses and a receptionist – to ensure that our practice offers the best possible veterinary services to residents of Casino and surrounding areas.


Casino Veterinary Clinic is pleased to offer a wide range of veterinary services in its modern hospital, including: consultations, farm visits, vaccinations, in-house blood testing, radiography, ultrasonography, electrocardiography, microchipping, dental services, desexing and full surgical facilities.

1988 - Original Vet Clinic Bruxner Hwy, Casino


Casino Vet Clinic was originally owned by Dr Ross Sillar and was located 5km from Casino on the Tenterfield Rd (Bruxner Hwy). Phil Sharman began working for Ross Sillar in 1987 and subsequently took ownership of the Vet Clinic in 1998. The Vet Clinic was moved to 88 North St in the year 2000 and has remained there since, with its new modern facilities.



Casino Veterinary Clinic's new hospital was purpose built in 2000 and hosts all the modern veterinary diagnostic equpiment, including:


  • In-house Blood Analysis machines

  • Digital Radiography

  • Ultrasonography

  • Electrocardiography

  • Endoscopy

  • Operating Theatre fully equppied for numerous surgical procedures

  • Portable cattle hoof trimming crush

  • Portable Horse crush for dental procedures and examination

  • Portable cattle and horse ultrasound for mare scanning and pregnancy testing

  • Three fully equipped farm visit cars


Modern Vet hospital - 88 North St, Casino

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