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Puppy information

If you have recently purchased a new puppy and are feeling a little lost then click on the link for a detailed handout on how to care for your new friend.

If you have any injured wildlife please follow the link to contact the wires hotline.

Canine Parvo Virus

Canine Parvovirus continues to be a concern in Casino and surrounding areas. This link provides a detailed outline of what symptoms to look for and how to prevent against this disease.

Casino Vet Clinic offers specialist referral for any client wanting their dog seen by a specialist. Veterinary Specialist Services (Carrara) provde all specialist care for small animal patients.

Animal Rights and Rescue Group

Casino Vet Clinic provides veterinary care for all animal rights and rescue animal from Lismore. If you are interested in adopting a recue animal, please click the link to contact Animal Rights and Rescue Group.

Steps of Calving in cattle

Follow this link to learn more about the steps of calving in cattle and when a vet should be called.

Little Gems Kitty Rescue is a local rescue that works closely within the Northern Rivers, liaising with Casino Vet Clinic and the Casino pound to rescue cats and kittens in need of finding a loving home. They offer a second chance for all cats great and small. Click the link to find out more.

Casino Vet Clinic offers specialist referral for any client wanting their horse seen by a specialist. Gold Coast Equine Clinic provides all specialist care for all equine patients.

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